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Art and craft can be blended with both Personal Counselling and Career Coaching. 


Counselling and art activities can be used to assist to explore problems, paint pictures of the future, explore hopes and dreams, create items to assist in re-connecting with others. Art activities can assist to identify problems that are difficult to verbalise and offer clarity. Art and craft can also be used as a starting point for conversations and as mindfulness. Art activities offered are underpinned by a strengths-based counselling and coaching approach.


Clients have a range of mediums they can use, such as pencils, pastels, felt tip pens, play doh, paint, charcoal, craft papers, glue, ribbons, buttons.


There is no requirement to have art skills to use art in a therapeutic way. Art offers an opportunity to use your creativity and to enjoy being absorbed in that creative task. Art can be enjoyable for both adults and children.

Please advise prior to your appointment if you are interested in having art and craft used in your session.