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Melissa is a fantastic supervisor. Her warm, empathetic and client-directed style helps me to go at a pace that I feel comfortable as well as reach a deeper understanding of myself, learning how my emotions and history arise when carrying out counselling myself. I feel I have become a more confident, reflective and knowledgeable counsellor since working with Melissa. She is extremely skilled at narrative therapy, an approach which works incredibly well in a supervisory setting and which she uses with ease. I highly recommend Melissa as a supervisor for anyone from any discipline! (Client)

Personal Counselling

Melissa is extremely talented at encouraging me to talk about things I haven't really thought about, asks very pertinent questions and, most importantly, feels incredibly safe to talk to. I have never felt like she might judge me for anything I might say and that has allowed me to dig deeper into why I feel or think certain things. Every time I talk about counselling, I recommend Melissa, regardless of whether the person wants a recommendation or not. Choosing to go to her has been one of the best decisions I have made in the last few years. Despite Melissa not practising my preferred style of counselling, I chose to go see her as a personal counsellor anyway after she did a great job helping me with my study options. This decision has been justified a hundredfold. (Client)

My wife had been seeing Melissa regularly and recommended I see her for my issues. Initially I was hesitant, as I find it difficult to talk to people, but my fears were unfounded and I'm glad I gave in. Not only is Melissa easy to talk to, she makes me feel safe and secure in sharing with her. Her kind manner and positive attitude make it easy to talk to her and to recommend to others. 

Melissa has helped me reach a greater understanding of myself, and helped teach me about my own thoughts and issues, helping me reach insights I couldn't have found on my own. I would definitely suggest talking to her, it's likely you won't regret it. (Client)

Having Melissa listen and throw questions or comments that made me evaluate some of my practice and other peoples practice was appreciated. Making me feel adequate in my job as a parent/carer, when at some points I was doubting the decisions I was making. Encouraging me to see other aspects of education and behaviour in a different light. From our engagement, I can already see Melissa’s expertise and experiences shine. Her knowledge is reassuring and her method of engagement has proven that. Melissa is very friendly and welcoming. (Nicoleta)

Career Coaching

I need to thank you so much! You certainly helped me get this job with your skills, understanding and patience and my time with you was absolutely worth (I can t believe how fast it was; in just a few sessions, it changed my whole world afterward!). Thank you for the confidence you gave me; I know it played a big role. I will recommend you to everybody (even if I didn't t get the job too!) who needs help with their career/study path thing and counselling. (Anick)

Melissa was enthusiastic, encouraging, tactful, knowledgeable and focused. She asked insightful questions that helped me to think in ways I hadn't before and paid careful attention to my answers so she could pull new information out of them. She also did some very useful and practical research into university study and the process of application that helped me make decisions without feeling so overwhelmed. Perhaps most importantly, she took my negative self-talk about aspects of my personality and showed me how I could view them as strengths within a work or study environment. Melissa's approach felt very individualised, like she was seeing and responding to my issues in the context of my personality instead of trying to push generic answers onto me. She also sent me emails regarding our sessions that felt like she was going above and beyond the service she was engaged for. Melissa did research and contacted me outside of our sessions that greatly helped clear the path for me and it made it obvious that she really cares about what she does. Although she did need to stick to the hour time limit, of course, she acted like there was all the time in the world, not that she had to move me along as soon as the hour was up. Things like that can make a big difference to how counselling feels. (Emma)

It's good when learning is fun. You made me feel at ease immediately and able to talk about life after redundancy. Secondly the information you gave on the process of job searching, cover letters and interviewing has given me confidence when I was feeling pretty 'rusty' in that area. So overall I surprised myself and benefited greatly. Well done Melissa. You certainly do your job very well. (Client)

Melissa listened to what I was saying, was able to summarise key points I had made and gave me the opportunity to investigate what my true feelings were in relation to my career goals. Melissa brought to light things I had not considered consciously which were of great benefit to me in making an informed decision. Melissa had a very caring and considerate nature which allowed me to open up and discuss my issues thoroughly. She did not judge me in any way. (Michelle)

Melissa was very approachable and I felt comfortable talking with her. At no point did I hesitate in discussing education and career matters that are quite sensitive to me. Melissa's experience and knowledge is broad and appropriate to many ages and career/educational stages. This means she can assist you whether you are seeking education, employment or are not yet sure which. Melissa added value to the service by advising me and supplying me with links and tools to help improve my resume and understand the direction I wanted to head in, Melissa assisted me greatly whilst letting me be the one in control. (Nina)


Great selection of morning tea and snacks. Loved the music. Instructions were very clear. Drawing aspects were relaxing and enjoyable. Helped me to identify some short and long term pathways to further happiness. (Zac)

I liked colouring, drawing, being in the moment, meeting people, hearing different people's stories and the drawing of a future image. (Rachie)

I felt relaxed and it felt good to have professional meet personal. I can use these techniques for myself and clients I work with. Really great day and Melissa is enthusiastic and calming and knows her stuff! (Anonymous)

I liked having the opportunity to remember what it's like to create something and be in 'the zone'. I will be making more time to draw/create and journal. I was reminded of how the tools provided can be used to create calmness and awareness. (Brianne)

I liked self-reflection; the Tree of Life I found a nice change to a lot of workshops I've gone to - coming from a strength base, it was very positive. (Helen)

Melissa was very kind, gentle and engaging, which made the group comfortable. I have identified my important values and have a list to help me focus. Thank you, Melissa. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. You have a calming style and were very encouraging and passionate. (Janelle)

Lots of different materials were useful. This made it easy for me to put together my tree as I'm not a natural artist. I will try and incorporate more mindful activities into my daily routine as I see the positive benefits. Fantastic workshop. (Randall)